City of Hallandale

City of Hallandale

Building A Community That Thrives

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  • Town of Hallandale Beach

    Hallandale officially became a town on May 14, 1927. By that time, there were 1,500 residents, street lights, and electricity in the community. In 1947, Hallandale was reincorporated as a city and was allowed to annex land to the east. In August of 1999, the city officially changed its name to Hallandale Beach.

  • Original Indian Hunting & Gathering Area

    The area that is now known as Hallandale Beach was not even settled until the late 1800's, when Henry Morrison Flagler expanded the Florida East Coast Railway to Palm Beach in 1895. Before then, there wasn't much to Hallandale Beach except swamp and a gray, sandy soil called marl. The Seminole Indians would hunt in the area and gather cootie root, which was used to produce starchy dough.

  • First Settlement

    Flagler recruited Luther Halland, son of a Swedish minister and brother-in-law to one of Flagler's agents, to start a Swedish settlement south of the Danish settlement of Dania. With the assistance of an immigrant named Olaf Zetterlund, Halland began promoting the frost-free subtropical climate and cheap land of Halland (later to be named Hallandale). Halland set up a small trading post in the new community and became its first postmaster.

  • Farming Community

    The settlement was slow, with only a dozen families in town by 1900 – seven Swedish, three English, and two black. The first school was built in 1904 and had only ten students. The first church, Bethlehem Lutheran, was established in 1906. Originally, Hallandale was a farming community, with farmers using the beach only for recreation.
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List of Honors & Awards
The City of Hallandale Beach has received the following awards:

  • Tree City U.S.A. • 1989 – 2015 • the National Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Distinguished Budget Presentation Award – 24 consecutive years.
  • Most Livable Small City in the U.S., 2013
  • Playful City, 2013-2016
  • Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting – 25 consecutive years.

Water Tower Award Program

  • Beach Elevated Tower Creative Design 2004
  • US Environmental Protection Agency Region 4
  • Pace Setter Award
  • City of Hallandale Beach Florida Division 2003–04
  • American Cancer Society for Relay for Life
  • Project of the Year Award in Structures - 2008
  • Water Treatment Plant - South Florida American Public Works Association
  • 2010 Best Tasting Drinking Water Award from the FSAWWA Region VI

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